DFAt.v New Bedford

DFAt.v New Bedford

DaFilthyAnimals Productions is officially launching DFAt.v New Bedford. We will be presenting  everything from local news,events,artists,musicians,and buisnesses. If you have anything you think is worth covering for an episode please feel free to contact us via form below!  

Life and times

In this episode of "Life in time" we chilled out with our buddy, ChipTunes/hip-hop producer and rapper "Astrologic". He tells us about his influences, goals,  history, and more. We were also lucky enough to record a chiptunes session and freestyle by Astro.

How too (instructional videos)

This is a tutorial video for massachusetts drivers, on the proper way to operate your blinkahs.

events and highlights

In this segment of DFAt.v New Bedford, DFA Productions own J-Dubbz gives his review on Taco Bell"s Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Watch as Elevated Euphoria hosts "Last hours of September" at Miller's HOmeport (South Dartmouth MA) Featuring hip hop acts 
Tosh, Jus Gamble, Jack Trade, Al Tree & Ant. Filmed by DaFilthyAnimals Productions Maurice Da Moose & Dr.HackZz.

Man smashes into van and flips his truck onto its side. Matthew st. ( New Bedford MA). Locals try helping him out before responders arrive. Filmed By Shane Marques. Edited by John and Meaghan White. 
DaFilthyAnimals Productions 2016